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If “he said, she said” journalism is irretrievably lame, what’s better?

Further along in my dialogue with NPR over its embrace of “he said, she said” reporting: two new items to report. Another engagement with NPR’s ombudsman. And Voice of San Diego’s reporters handbook, which disallows he said, she said. For the background, see: We Have No Idea Who’s Right: Criticizing “he said, she said” journalism […]

Building Froggietown: A Parent’s 9/11 Story

This is something I wrote when the shock of September 11th, 2001 was still… there. I am reprinting it today to mark the ten year anniversary of that event. Peace. In Manhattan, Sep. 25, 2001 My colleagues and I held a teach-in last week for journalism students at NYU. An intellectual vigil, if you will. […]