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“Even about your Lie of the Year there is doubt.”

Romney’s chief strategist Stu Stevens is trying to re-litigate a campaign ad suggesting that Jeep was shipping factory jobs to China. Why? I speculate. “Lie of the Year,” people in the establishment press called it. As bad as it gets. To which professional strategist Stu Stevens, head thinker for the Romney campaign in 2012, says: Nonsense, […]

Mounting costs for the default model of trust production in American newsrooms

The outlines of the new system are now coming into view. Accuracy and verification, fairness and intellectual honesty–traditional virtues for sure–join up with transparency, “show your work,” the re-voicing of individual journalists, fact-checking, calling BS when needed and avoiding false balance. For about 20 years (yikes!) I have been trying to move American journalists off […]

Loyalty and obsession are intimates: Andrew Sullivan goes independent

“We, the journalists, have part of what it takes to create an informative and exciting site. You, the users, have the other part.” Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan announced that he’s parting ways with the Daily Beast and taking his blog, The Daily Dish, independent. Truly independent: no advertisers! (Though he hasn’t ruled that out for the […]