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The rise of the personal franchise site in news

“This is in many ways how major media has domesticated blogging.” Yesterday the buzz in newsland was all about Nate Silver’s decision to move his franchise from the New York Times to ESPN. (Good round-up here.) A subplot was provided by public editor Margaret Sullivan. She described Silver as an awkward fit for the […]

Criticizing CNN: Goodbye to that.

I used to say: I criticize because I care. But I no longer do. CNN’s transition is now complete. The entire channel is basically a version of the Nancy Grace show. — Dan Gillmor (@dangillmor) July 8, 2013 As of today, I have retired from criticism of CNN for falling short of some sort of […]

The Snowden Effect: definition and examples

It’s about what he set in motion by taking the action he did. The Snowden effect, a definition: Direct and indirect gains in public knowledge from the cascade of events and further reporting that followed Edward Snowden’s leaks of classified information about the surveillance state in the U.S. Meaning: there’s what Snowden himself revealed by […]